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Photography for me is being able to capture that moment in time and frame it to hold not just a visual image, but the thought, reactions and sometimes what cannot be said. They all incorporate emotions and feelings I hope you will appreciate.


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Producing illustrations using different media is very special. It challenges me to choose the most suitable media for a specific piece of work. I endeavour to capture not just the visual accuracy, but the essence of the person or animal, what makes them, them. The heart is the object and symbol that runs through all my calligraphy. Its meaning is always positive; whatever lies within is something or someone that is loved and cherished.


To commission a portrait please contact me with your requirements.

A guide to the approximate price can be found in the table below.

Prices are for one subject.

Each additional subject will be an additional 50% of the price of single subject

A 25% deposit will be required. payment can be made by cheque or Paypal

Pour commander un portrait, veuillez me contacter en précisant vos besoins

Un guide du prix approximatif peut être trouvé dans le tableau ci-dessous

Les prix sont pour un seul sujet.

Chaque sujet supplémentaire sera un supplément de 50% du prix du sujet unique.

Un acompte de 25% sera demandé. Le paiement peut être effectué par chèque ou Paypal.

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Pencil Prices from 150€ 195€ 255€ 335€ 440€ 580€
Coloured Pencil Prices from 240€ 315€ 415€ 545€ 715€ 940€
Watercolour, Acrylic or Mixed Media Prices from 185€ 245€ 320€ 420€ 555€ 730€

Jacqueline Burley


I was born in 1964 in Birmingham, UK. I started drawing from the age of 5 for my own entertainment and haven’t stopped since… no, actually that’s not quite true; I did stop for 8 years to look after my three children.

I trained as a graphic artist after college and after bringing up my children gained a B.A. Honours degree in Illustration. I taught Art and Textiles for 13 years in main stream schools while producing some commissioned pieces and exhibiting my own work locally.

I took up photography when I borrowed my youngest daughter's Nikon D3000. I began taking photos and exhibiting them in my local coffee bar. I comfortably began using photography and art with my design background.

In August 2017 I relocated with my partner (now husband) David, a web designer and computer technician, and our three dogs; Patrick, Bramble and Tilly to rural France where I work as a freelance artist/photographer.

If you have any questions or queries on purchasing my work or for a commissioned piece, please contact me to discuss details. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Jacqueline Burley

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+33 6 66 63 36 52